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WTH is a Style Pooh-BahsWelcome to! As the late Coco Chanel said, “Fashion fades, only style remains.” Those are the words that everyday style conscious women live by with confidence. She’s a Style Pooh-Bah. You all know her, or you might just be her. Whether she’s a woman on the go, a professional, an entrepreneur, a wife, or a mother – she embarks on every day with a fresh and stylish perspective. One may dress in a classic manner, another may dress up with a hint of posh accents, some prefer edgy and others eclectic, but all and all, a Style Pooh-Bah makes it her business to be true to her personal style. She has fun getting dressed but does so with discernment. A Style Pooh-Bah looks forward to new ways to jazz up her closet with new trends and loves to check out inspirational ways to mix up what she might already own. Overall, she’s got finesse, she is a Style Pooh-Bah. is a style and fashion news source made especially for the woman living a chic lifestyle. Whether keeping up with the latest news about her favorite brands, inspiration on how to wear the latest trends, what some of the hottest celebrities are wearing, how to recreate a red carpet beauty inspired look, and more  – is your source to read. You can also expect to find interviews featuring the ‘who’s who’ of fashion and beauty brands. And because style makes the world go round, you will also find scoop from around the globe for your reading pleasure.

So, to all of you style enthusiasts…cheers to living every day like the Style Poo-Bah you are! Thank you for reading


about the founder

Naima Turner Fleming is a valued contributor to multiple facets of the fashion industry with more than ten years experience. Her resume includes fashion journalism and content development; lifestyle and fashion publicity; and behind-the-scenes fashion styling for national print and television media such as ABC’s The View and NBC’s Today Show. Her career also included a glimpse at the literary world while working with her mentor Lloyd Boston. Naima’s published credits include Senior Researcher & Stylist Assistant for “Make Over Your Man” (Doubleday/Random House), as well as, cover stylist, dishing expert advice for “Before You Put That On” (Atria), which she also titled.

As an industry influencer who captivates audiences, Naima writes about the impact of personal style and has penned her style advice as a contributor to several online platforms. Such platforms includes:, and among others.

Collectively, Naima’s career experiences played a part in founding  her fashion and style website, dedicated to the chic modern woman. At the top of 2016, PR Newswire’s ‘Beyond Bylines’ credited Naima’s website, as one of their favorite fashion blogs. Naima is an alumnus of the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City).


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