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EDUN Launches Spring/Summer 2017 Video & Photo Series By Kristen-Lee Moolman

EDUN continues its collaboration with South African photographer, Kristin-Lee Moolman, with a video and photo series shot in Roosevelt, Queens. Together with Moolman, EDUN maintains the theme of empowerment and youth in a surreal, almost elusive suburban space to showcase their heroines. The 70’s atmosphere of this quiet neighborhood – its graphic houses and winding sidewalks – is used as a blank canvas where the EDUN Girls, driving a classic Pontiac Firebird, pop with their girl gang attitude and urban styling.

Photography & Art Direction: Kristen-Lee Moolman
Styling: Haley Wollens
Models: Imade, Amelia, Somalia

EDUN’s full ecru looks stand out in the mix. A PVC-lace coat, organic velour flare pants and a Danfari canvas dress. From an in-home hair salon, to the quaint streets of their cul-de-sac, Amelia, Imade, and Somalia, bring a retro future twist to the narrative with the edginess and femininity inherent to EDUN.

Moolman’s unique sense of the scenography serves to solidify EDUN’s connection between New York and Africa, and creates a modern and border free interaction between them. “The core idea of this series worked around finding and celebrating EDUN muses – while subtly paying homage to iconic American actresses like Pam Grier, Teresa Graves, Jeanne Bell and Tamara Dobson.” – Kristin Lee Moolman

All EDUN collections are proudly produced, sourced or developed in Africa, primarily in Kenya, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, and South Africa. This new photo project is about sharing the vigor and flair that is at the brand’s core.

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