Get the Look: 2014 Golden Globes Nail Art

Get the Look: 2014 Golden Globes Nail Art

by Naima Turner - Fleming

Stars went fashion forward this Golden Globes from head to toe and even the nail art was a must-see this year on the red carpet. Ranging from innocent daisies to edgy metallics, celebs like Zooey Deschanel, and Kaley Cuoco took their  looks to the next level with their nail designs.

Want to get the looks? Celebrity manicure maven, MARS The Salon, shares their secret tips on how to get Zooey and Kaley’s red-carpet looks at home. 

For Kaley Cuoco’s Look



1. Apply base coat.

2. Apply pink color polish as a French line.

3. Paint a flower on French line with pink and yellow on thumb, middle and pinky fingers.

4. Paint flower on part of the base with green and yellow on index and ring fingers.

5. Attach a pearl by glue in the middle of the flowers.

6. Apply a top coat.

For Zooey Deschanel’s Look



1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply silver glitter polish on all fingers.

3. Apply Gold hologram polish on all fingers.

4. Apply a top coat.

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