Keep Your Lips Sealed For Valentine's Day With These Finds

Keep Your Lips Sealed With Care For Valentine’s Day With These Finds

by Naima Turner - Fleming

According to History Channel, there are nearly 150 million cards exchanged on Valentine’s Day. I can also bet that with each card, kisses are shared as a sign of gratitude, among other things.  Those on the receiving end of a smooch, would much rather have one that comes from smooth lips. So, I’ve come across three lip moisturizers that are worth throwing in your clutch on the day of love. Even after Valentine’s Day, I am certain that keeping your lips sealed with these finds will prove beneficial as it is a beauty essential for all times.

The key to a great relationship is having soft and kissable lips! This Valentine’s Day, Vaseline® has got you covered with the brand’s newest launch – Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Tins, $3.99 (SRP).



Carmex Moisture Plus® Lip Balm is travel-friendly and lightweight, making it the ideal accessory to stash in your bag or clutch. Choose one that best compliments your style or grab all four to mix and match with all of your hottest outfit.  After all, ever savvy fashionista knows that a girl has to have options!


Professional trumpet player turned entrepreneur Dan Gosling, created Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Lip Care SPF 15, in his kitchen using arnica, a sunflower extract and natural anti-inflammatory to reduce bruising and swelling of the lips. The product debuted in all CVS Pharmacy locations recently after a decade of the cult brand enjoying a loyal following among those in the music industry.


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