Sitota Collection: Luxe Candle Brand Blends Tranquility And Travel

Sitota Collection: Luxe Candle Brand Blends Tranquility And Travel [Slideshow]

by Naima Turner - Fleming

If you’re on the East Coast and anything like me, you’ve probably glanced at the calendar more than once to get a grasp of how much longer we actually have to go before a flower buds, layers are peeled off and the winter season is a long gone memory. Thankfully I received the most gorgeous package today, consisting of luxury candles, providing me with the perfect opportunity to merge my senses and imagination for a quick mental getaway. Although there is snow everywhere, the Sitota Collection by Yvette Gayle is allowing me the opportunity to have a sensual experience of some of her most beloved travels, by way of her luxury soy candle collection.

Perfect for transforming your mood and energy, the candle line was created to capture Yvette’s most precious memorable trips, as well as, her own personal journey that led her to Ethiopia to her daughter, Sitota. Every single scent is warming to the soul and transforming. Within my candle set of four, every sensuous flame set will undoubtedly transform my mood and energy when desired.

To me, fashion is an art form that takes on it’s own translation in many ways and appears in every walk of life. When learning about the different candle fragrances within the Sitota Collection, I related them to many of the colors and design silhouettes sent down the Spring 2014 runway. Have a peek at the slide show for my interpretation of which Sitota Collection scent and designer look I have compared.

If I’ve peeked you’re interest regarding the Sitota Collection candles, please join The Brand New Mom and Sitota Collection twitter party hosted by Darisha Miller and me.


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