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Sofia Vergara Reveals The Secret to Maintaining Her Mane

While it’s no secret that Sofia Vergara has used Head & Shoulders for over 20 years, many women still don’t believe that an anti-dandruff shampoo can provide cosmetic benefits that give Sofia, well, Sofia Vergara hair.

The latest ad campaign from Head & Shoulders features Sofia revealing the unbelievable truth about the NEW Head & Shoulders 3 Action Formula – it does give her soft, smooth, healthy and great-smelling hair, while also keeping her scalp flake free. It’s the ultimate beauty secret for hair that’s super soft and full of life.

Sofia Vergara

Marion Cohen, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London, shares, “Sofia is an award-winning actress, producer and business woman loved by millions, who has access to the most sought-after treatments and expensive products, so it’s hard to believe (but true!) that she uses Head & Shoulders in real life. We felt this fact could make for a compelling story. It has great comic potential, which suits Sofia’s personality, but is also an amazing claim for the brand. We wanted the ad to feel like we’ve captured a real moment so the claim would come across as genuine.”

So, how does the new formula give Sofia hair that’s full of life? Inspired by skincare products that contain optimized particles, Head & Shoulders scientists began a journey to create smaller zinc particles in the formula. After over 10 years of exploration and clinical studies, the 3 Action Formula was developed with micro zinc mineral particles that cleanse, protect and moisturize the scalp, creating a stronger foundation for more resilient, beautiful hair.

  • Cleanses – Contains a gentle cleansing agent that provides a rich, deeply indulgent lather, while offering best in class dandruff protection.
  • Protects – Micro zinc particles deposit deep into the scalp pore and are left behind – even after rinsing – improving the scalp’s condition and enabling long-lasting dandruff protection.
  • Moisturizes – Formula locks in moisture to improve the scalp barrier, maintaining hydrated, strengthened and toned skin. Conditioning agents also provide smoother, softer and more manageable hair, resulting in less breakage over time.

Head & Shoulders 3 Action Formula is Sofia’s ultimate beauty secret for hair that’s flake free and full of life. Starting this month, it can be found at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide.