Spoil Her With Bling: 5 Mother's Day Jewelry Finds Based On Her Style

Spoil Her With Bling: 5 Mother’s Day Jewelry Finds Based On Her Style

by Naima Turner - Fleming

There is always a reason to spoil your Mother to show her how much you care. But come this Sunday, it’s all about her. Sure, the possibilities are endless of the zillions of things you can give her, however, you can’t go wrong with showering her with jewelry. Keep in mind while shopping for jewelry that finding the ideal piece should be personal, while considering all of the things that makes Mom special under consideration.  In case you’re not sure of where to begin, I’ve found five gorgeous pieces for 5 special types of Moms.


– Some mom’s love nothing more than a personal touch when it comes to her favorite jewels. If this sounds like your mom, the Lovable personalized bracelet ($95) by Lola James is the perfect find for your classic Mother.

– For the Mom who has a jewelry box filled with items that never appear to be outdated, the Deco Shield cut pendant ($148) by Kira Kira, will compliment her timeless style.

– When it comes to special occasions and milestones, she loves to cherish the memory. If your Mom is the sentimental type, the IPPOLITA’s new debut charm collection ($195 to $2,995) is the right choice.

– If your Mom’s style is boho chic…the framed stone bangle ($78) from Vincecamuto.com is just the right touch of free-spirited, sophisticated flare.

– When it comes to getting dressed, your Mom pulls out all of the stops! Keep her glammed up with this Notable Glamour Necklace ($30) at modcloth.com

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