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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Clutch Designer Mercedes Brunelli

Every woman deserves to have a handbag that is truly a unique piece of art. Designer Mercedes Brunelli has created a stunning new brand of handcrafted statement clutches to perfectly complement any outfit for today’s modern day women.

The clutch designs are made with a range of materials such as metal, Swarovski crystals, beading, glitter, bottle caps, paper clips, lace and anything else that draws inspirations. Clutches within the collection retails from $200 to $1295. A portion of all sales are donated to The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in honor of the creative director, Mercedes Brunelli’s, grandmother as she is the one that inspired the brand and suffered from the particular type of blood cancer.

After checking out the gorgeous collection, I caught up with Mercedes to learn more about her designs, her inspiration and more.


Stylepoohbahs.com:  I love that your clutches are designed with tons of character and bold embellishments. How would you define the Mercedes Brunelli clutch-ista?

Mercedes: I would have to say she definitely loves wearing bold and unique pieces! A fashionista with distinct style and personality. The women who prides herself with the must have one of a kind statement piece.  

Stylepoohbahs.com: Breakdown for me the difference between the two collections, Outre and Jewel. What types of designs does each one consist of for women hitting the town.

Mercedes: The Jewel Collection is my original line which is all embellished with Swarovski crystals. It’s for the woman who loves glitz and glam and those must-have statement pieces. The Outre collection is exactly just that, it’s unusual and unconventional. It’s my spin on unique one of a kind designs, combining fun and trendy everyday objects (such as cds, safety pins, bottle caps etc.). It brings the term wearable art to life. 

Stylepoohbahs.com: How do your designs resonate with your personality? How would you describe your own style?

Mercedes: Anyone who knows me knows I have a love for sparkle and bling, and as you can see it makes itself apparent in my designs. Rachel Zoe said it best with “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” My designs are just like my personality they speak for themselves. I love unique and bold designs, anything that is different and will make a statement. 

Stylepoohbahs.com: Do you play favorites with your designs?

Mercedes:  Very tough question, my go-to designs are my signature Lion Head, the Midnight gator and the Evil Eye. But I really love the designs in my Outre collection.  The Retro Cd and the Bang clutch are my personal favorites by far! 

Stylepoohbahs.com: Any exciting new design plans or projects for 2017?

Mercedes: Yes! I am currently in the works on an entire new addition to my line. Using 3D printing, endless types of materials and embellishments, the sky is the limit for this designer. Stay tuned for all new designs, silhouettes and much more! 2017 has much more in store from Mercedes Brunelli!