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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Dale Noelle Of TRUE Model Management

by Naima Turner - Fleming

The body and image of a model can best be described as the canvas used to bring a designer’s vision to life. When we come across advertisements or editorials, it’s often hard to ignore the je ne sais quoi of most models. Their images inspire us to buy a product or identify with a brand, and when done successfully that means the print model has done a superb job. But when we take the next step after looking at an advertisement and go into a store to try on an item and fall in love with the fit, we have the fit model to thank.

Recently, Stylepoohbahs.com caught up with Dale Noelle, founder of TRUE Model Management. Her leading agency represents print and runway models, as well as fit models of all sizes and shapes. As one of the most reputable business women in the fashion industry, Dale is a natural-born leader who is passionate about empowering others. Not only does she work non-stop to build the careers of the models she represents, but she also makes time to give back to a host of philanthropic causes related to cancer, underprivileged children, individuals with mental frailties, human trafficking, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  She is involved in a number of charitable organizations and is on the board of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation and the Women & Fashion Film Fest, an affiliate of the UN. Dale is also an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Everything about Dale is extraordinary, so naturally I reached out to her for a glimpse of what a day in the life is like as a founder of TRUE Model Management, how she got started and more!

Photographer: Roberto Ligresti / MUA: David Maderich
Photo: Roberto Ligresti / MUA: David Maderich

Naima of Stylepoohbahs.com: How and when did you first fall in love with fashion? 

Dale Noelle:  When I was a young girl, my father had his own clothing factory, I would learn so much about fashion and business whenever I was there and my grandmother would give me sewing lessons. But it wasn’t until my father took me to Studio 54 to attend my first fashion show that I was totally wowed by the industry. From the high-end leather and suede to the glamorous models, music and the energy – the whole experience was electrifying.  At that moment, I knew I wanted to work in the fashion business!

Naima of Stylepoohbahs.com: How would you describe the day and the life as the boss of TRUE Model Management?
More grit than glamour, or a little of both (grit and glamour)?

Dale Noelle: Oh, my day is definitely filled with grit! I love what I do in spite of the grit. During all the hard work,  it just makes the moments when there are sprinkles of glamour even cooler and exciting.

Naima of Stylepoohbahs.com: Before you launched TRUE Model Management, you had quite a career which consisted of functions that prepared you to become the fierce business woman you are today. You’ve worked as a clothing production manager, designer, and owner of a licensed brand before you became a fit model for mass retailers, fashion companies, and designers and then a business owner. For our readers who are unfamiliar with the fit model’s role within fashion design and retail, please tell us how fit models affect the clothing and accessories that are purchased by consumers?

Dale Noelle: At TRUE Model Management, we represent print and runway models, as well as fit models who represent a range of body sizes. A fit model is one of the most important roles within the fashion design and retail businesses.  A fit model is representative of an actual customer and is a liaison between the technical and production teams. A fit model must remain consistent in size and shape when contracted with a company or designer and convey how she/he feels  in the clothing.  A fit model works with the teams to perfect the clothes before they are offered to the consumer.   If clothes fit well, they sell well and returns are usually lower, both which increase a company’s bottom line.

Photographer: Steven Menendez/MUA: Christian Sanchez
Photographer: Steven Menendez/MUA: Christian Sanchez

Naima of Stylepoohbahs.com: As the owner of a management company, you’re managing a company, staff and the careers of models – which you successfully juggle well. What are 3 main seeds of wisdom regarding time management would share with a boss girl entrepreneur who is just launching or expanding their company?

Dale Noelle: First of all, doing your homework and paying due diligence is important.

TRUE Model Management started organically through helping friends and did not originate as a result of a formal business plan.  The business was created as a result of requests from business associates and an amazing network of people in the fashion industry who wanted me to connect them to each other.
Supported by common sense, I learned to navigate the small business through trial and error.  I work tirelessly to make TRUE successful but if I had planned the business details before starting,  I would have had an easier journey.

Next, I would say hire intelligent and kind people. Treat them well and train them!

Third, stay energized and ahead of the curve. And if I could add one more thing, I would say make sure you become social media savvy.

Naima of Stylepoohbahs.com: How would you describe your style?

Dale Noelle: I would describe my style as eclectic, practical and timeless. I love pieces that are comfortable and luxurious with a modern edge. I’m always on the go so I love  dresses and outfits with stretch that can easily transform from day-to-night attire with a simple change of shoes,  accessories and/or jacket. I like anything cashmere and clothes that roll up compactly and don’t wrinkle. I also love pockets on my garments, tall boots and having fun with accessories.

For more information on True Model Management be sure to check them out on social media:

Twitter: @TRUEmodelmgt
Snap Chat/Periscope: TRUEmodelmgt
Pinterest: TRUEmodelmgt
YouTube: TRUEmodelmgt

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