Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: George Kotsiopoulos Shares Gap Factory Denim Tips (EXCLUSIVE)

Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: George Kotsiopoulos Shares Gap Factory Denim Tips (EXCLUSIVE)

by Naima Turner - Fleming

More than a few fashion buzz words come to mind when we hear the Gap retail brand name. A few buzz words you may happen to think of  is versatility, timeless casual designs, modern basics and denim!  And who doesn’t love shopping at the Gap Factory store for deep discounts and deal from the retail brand? With various denim trends and looks counted as must-haves for Spring/Summer 2014 – more than a few picks are closet-worthy. No doubt about it, having the right jeans within reach for whatever fabulous lifestyle duty calls is essential – but breaking the bank to look good should never be a style requirement. In effort to help you make the right decisions on what denim looks to stock up on for the season, George Kotsiopoulos, the Style Editor for Gap Factory Store is sharing some of his celebrity secret style tips on how to wear the following 5 hot denim trends with Style Pooh-Bahs.


Naima Turner: Dark rinse jeans are typically the wash women turn to for dressed up casual looks. But, now that light wash jeans are making an entrance and the temperature is warming up, what style tips would you suggest for dressing up light wash jeans?

George Kotsiopoulos: One can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt to dress up any look. Styled with rolled sleeves and a front tuck creating a chic look for day and night.

Naima Turner: This season, denim skirts have made a come back!  What are some fun NEW ways you would suggest styling a denim skirt?

George Kotsiopoulos: A great new take on the denim skirt is styling it with a cropped denim tank. Matching sets are a great summer trend, just know too much skin can look tacky.

Naima Turner: For women who want to add a bit of 70’s flare with a wide leg jean, what should they keep in mind when shopping for that specific jean style?

George Kotsiopoulos:The fit is key when purchasing a wide leg jean, you do not want it dragging nor too short. Keep in mind that a wide leg jean will elongate the legs but they should be worn with heels to perfect the look.

Naima Turner: From big rips to small subtle tears, what’s the best distressed jean style for women to pick for a range of looks that won’t make her outfits too stressed?

George Kotsiopoulos:A well fitted boyfriend jean slightly rolled at the ankles with subtle tears is the new classic jean when paired with the perfect heels. I also like this jean paired with a statement flat, think Valentino Rockstud.

Naima Turner: When it comes to white jeans, some wear them right, and others wear them all wrong. What are three do’s and don’ts of wearing white jeans for women of ALL body types?

George Kotsiopoulos: When it comes to white jeans, fabric is key.

1) You do not want your pockets showing through or the jeans too see through.
2) Never let your white jeans drag on the ground. It shows you did not take time to have your jeans tailored and looks sloppy.
3) Always look at the weather and use common sense, do not wear white jeans when it is raining.
4) White jeans accentuate your hips and thighs, you will need to try on multiple pairs before settling on the one that is right for you.
5) You should wear white jeans all year round, there are no longer any rules and winter white is chic.
6) You should always be cautious when wearing white jeans, nothing is worse than makeup stains on your jeans.


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