Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Makeup Guru Andrew Sotomayor

Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Makeup Guru Andrew Sotomayor

by Naima Turner - Fleming

Ready to give your makeup routine a little oomph? Whether you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with limited time to get ready in the morning or unsure of which of the latest beauty looks you should try, rest easy ladies! I’ve turned to professional celebrity, fashion and on-air makeup artist guru, Andrew Sotomayor.

So if you’ve been looking for new ways to add a subtle lift to your face or makeup bag, Andrew dishes with his tips on everything from quick 10-minute application tips to get you out of the door, how to keep brushes clean, and what needs to be in your makeup bag.


Naima of For everyday women, the beauty trends presented are exciting to try but with limited time in the morning, may seem impossible to try. What are the 3 must-have items a woman should have for a quick 10 minute makeup look in the morning?

Andrew Sotomayor: My friend Troy Surratt, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Surratt Beauty taught me that the fastest pick me up is to do one thing to each part of the face. For example, a minimal basic look is to enhance your eyes with mascara, spot correct your face with a concealer, and smooth lips with a tinted balm. You could also try liquid eyeliner, plus foundation, plus a lipstick. You can always add more, but to get started, remember the power of threes. My favorite super easy, super fast makeup products are Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow crayons, The Surratt Beauty Auto-Graphique Eyeliner from Surratt Beauty, and the Hard Candy Makeup Pigment Drops. The Makeup Drops are a totally different product is super pigmented liquid that’s also really fresh and light. You can tap the color under your eyes to use it as a concealer or use it with a brush to blend it sheerly across your face like a foundation or mix into a serum for a custom BB Cream. If you take a deeper shade across your cheekbones, it works as a bronzer. I used this product on Sasheer Zamata for the MTV Video music awards and Our Lady J for the Emmy Awards.

Naima of What is the one beauty look women should try for Fall?

Andrew Sotomayor: Strobing and intense silver highlighting has been trending for a while now, but a “strobing flush” will give you glowing skin and a hint of color that works with your skin tone. My favorite product for this is the Nars Dual Intensity Blush in Panic. I’ve used it on almost all skin tones. You can swirl the two colors together, or choose the pink to go with berry and cool toned lipsticks, shadows, and outfits, and use the warm toned peachy color to go with golds, bronzes, and warm toned outfits. When applying a shimmer blush, apply the color directly to the apples of the cheeks, rather than across your entire cheekbone. This helps to brighten your face without stealing the focus entirely from your eyes.

Naima of What is a low maintenance quick trick for keeping brows and lashes flawless in the morning?

Andrew Sotomayor: To get brows looking soft and smooth, I like to brush the L’Occitane Shea Butter (available in mini tins for $12), through brows using a spoolie brush. Then, to fill in I use the Eye & Brow Maestro from Giorgio Armani. It comes in every color and you can even use it as eyeliner or eye shadow. On lashes, I like to use the Chanel Inimitable Mascara. I curl first, then apply mascara. I love that it’s a true black, matte, and if you use the tapered silicone brush to get color right into the roots, it works the way an eyeliner pencil would to get right between lashes.

Naima of What is THE lip color to wear for Fall?

Andrew Sotomayor: Everyone should try a deep plum lip like Hard Candy’s Velvet Mousse Lip Paint in Dahlia. The matte finish and smooth texture stays on a long time without getting crunchy.

Naima of When it comes to creating a flawless makeup look, how important are the right tools for application?

Andrew Sotomayor: The right tools are everything. Using a brush to apply your foundation will help a little makeup go farther. I suggest using a foundation brush to apply foundation or BB Cream, then using a damp sponge to press the makeup into your skin and remove excess. My favorite new brush is The Foundation Brush by La Mer. The unique shape helps to sweep makeup all over your face smoothly and easily. Plus, the synthetic fibers are soft and luxurious and unlike animal hairs, it’s cruelty-free the fibers will stay soft even after years of washing.

Naima of What are the 3 main tools that should be in every woman’s makeup bag?

Andrew Sotomayor: VMV Hypoallergenics Illuminants Face, Hand, and Body LotionDr Alkaitis Love Your Lip Organic Lip Treatment – I love this lip balm. When you think of how often you need to reapply lip balm, this organic formula is one you can feel good about using again and again. And, Chanel Oil-Control Tissues – Before you powder, dab these on your skin to remove excess oil so that you only need a hint of powder to refresh your skin.


Be sure to follow Andrew on Instagram and twitter: @andrewsotomayor


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